It’s baaaack!

Ottawa’s beloved Museum of Science and Technology has finally returned, complete with the Crazy Kitchen and a smorgasbord of new exhibits and features.

It took three years and $80 million, but the rebuilt museum at St. Laurent Boulevard and Lancaster Road has been worth it. Originally opened as a centennial project in 1967, it celebrated its 50th anniversary with a reopening Nov. 17 as part of the Canada 150 celebrations.

The new museum features more than 7,400 square metres of completely redesigned space. It strikes a balance between everything we liked about the previous incarnation with more fun, interactive and educational exhibits that will surely become new favorites.

It now shows more than 700 artifacts of all kinds, from a fishing dory and telescopes to bicycles and an amphibious car – and, yes, the locomotives are still there. Plus, there are 11 new permanent exhibits (and room for visiting ones), including Zoom, which is a children’s room (ages 8 and under) where they can play with installations using variations on balls, circles, and wheels. Another is a “tiny house,” for people who want to see what living in 300 square feet is like.

At the front entrance is a looping video played on an LED display that stretches around the doors and shows a three-minute journey through science. At night (5 p.m. to 11 p.m.), a second phase of the film is projected on the flat wall facing St. Laurent Boulevard.

One of the problems with the old museum was that almost all of its collection had to be kept in rented storage, where it was never seen. While much of the collection is still in storage, a new building on the museum grounds to house it means special tours can be taken through to let the public see large portions of it.

So, release your inner geek and go explore!

For details on hours, admission fees and more, visit the museum’s website.